AND Studio




Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) & silicone



‘Stopple’ is a stool, made from commonly available building materials, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets and silicone. ‘Stopple’ plays with ideas of layering, contrast and texture, and functions via connection and combination.

The stool components are cut from sheets of reclaimed FRP grating, a mass produced
construction material while the form of the stool components are dictated by the nature of the material, a gridded sheet product.

Additionally, recycled PLA is utilised to 3D print molds for a silicone seat cushion which appears to be extruded through the grid, further highlighting the rigid rectilinear forms of the FRP grating and providing a softer interface for the user to sit on.

The top FRP piece interlocks with the silicone cushion component. This is intended to enable longer FRP top components to key into multiple silicone topped bases and to be arranged in numerous configurations.



AND, are an emerging Melbourne based design studio composed of duo Julian Allen and Samantha Duffee. Julian has a background in architecture, industrial design and furniture making while Samantha started out in textiles and surface design and then also went on to furniture and industrial design. As designer makers AND place great importance on material use, texture, inquiry and playfulness driven by their joint interest in process, enabling their practice to adapt to different projects and outcomes. “We look to create pieces that evoke curiosity in the viewer, or user by exploring simple forms with an emphasis on materiality in order to connect the user to the object in unexpected ways”.


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