Connector Chair



Recycled aluminium, Hose clamps, Found board material



Connector Chair exists as one of an infinite number of furniture configurations made possible with BCDO’s Universal Connector, and as an exercise in designing with abundance rather than scarcity.

Our intention is to fortify the culture of reusing and recycling hard rubbish objects, while reclaiming the power of convenience monopolised by fast furniture, and offering an adaptability that mass-production withholds. The heart of the unit is a common hose clamp, encompassed by four identical castings that secure nearly any board material without puncturing or damaging it.

The Connector is intentionally stylistically neutral, and lends itself to a range of contexts; as well suited to the found materials that comprise Connector Chair as it is to dressed timber, painted board or acrylic sheet. Not only adaptable to evolving needs but to evolving tastes. It enables a mindset that when faced with, for example, a growing library, seeks not an entirely new bookcase but only some longer boards, and the action of changing configurations rewards this ethos with unblemished materials that retain their initial value. In favour of the longevity of an object, we choose to explore the longevity of a system.

We are currently testing 3D printed versions of the connector that utilise topology optimisation processes to achieve ideal material volume to strength ratios, and these will be released as open source STL files, free for anyone to print and adapt. Exploiting the ubiquity of hose clamps and the unconstrained nature of board compatibility, the Universal Connector to make itself limitlessly adaptable, configurable, and available.



Blomley Cashman Design Office was founded by Lachlan Cashman and Sam Blomley. They studied together at RMIT’s furniture design program and connected over a shared love of craft, a penchant for challenge, and the urge to sample each other’s lunches. Their approach to design is the product of an expansive and critical dialogue that has been evolving over several years, and is surmised by the desire to cohesively express good ideas as percipient objects.


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