Joel Priestland

Weeames DSS



1 x found Eames replica
1 x 9m Grunt 2500kg ratchet strap
4 x 50mm seatbelt mounts
2 x steel a frame joints
5 x wooden fence posts 



Since the early 1980’s, Australian replica furniture companies have been exploiting an IP loophole by producing cheap imitations of classic furniture pieces by designers such Charles and Ray Eames, Hans Wegner and Philippe Starck. This often means materials and build quality are sacrificed for achieving a ‘look’ for a price, and with original design classics such as the Eames DSW selling for $1300, Target’s $38.25 May well look attractive to a budget led consumer. Sadly this perceived value means the Eames’ motto ‘What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts.’ no longer applies, and faulty and broken replica chairs are seen as disposable items and are sent to landfill.

My response to ‘Availability’ is based on the sheer amount of Eames DSW (Dining (Height) Side (Chair) Wood (Base), and DSR  (Dining (Height) Side (Chair) Rod (Base)) I have seen awaiting hard rubbish collection around the suburbs of Melbourne over the past 12 years. With cheap parts causing failure at the mounting points of the chair, the polypropylene shell stood out to me as one part that could be easily salvaged and repurposed, rather than having a future buried in the ground for the next 20-30 years.

As a father of young children, I’d often thought about how much fun an interior based swing seat would be and felt the Eames moulded chair could lend itself to that purpose. ‘Availability’ gave me the impetus to explore a solution that would allow anyone who finds a discarded Eames replica, to save it from landfill and create themselves a usable swing seat with minimal extra parts, all of which are readily available at hardware stores such as Bunnings.

Introducing the Weeames DSS – Dining (D) Height, Side (S) Chair on Swing (S) Base. Available to everyone.



Originally from London, Joel Priestland studied design at the University of the West of England before working for brand and design studios between London and Australia for the past 20 years. Joel is driven by the way people interact with brands, from the digital to the physical and has explored this relationship for clients such as Herman Miller, Alipay+, Lockheed Martin, Samsonite, Loewe, Viktor & Rolf, LVMH, Lacoste, Swarovski, and Samsung. As Creative Director of the Australian headphone start-up Nura, Joel helped take the brand from Australia’s highest funded Kickstarter, to the fastest growing new headphone brand in the last decade. Currently he consults in the non-alc drinks and tech spaces with clients in the USA, UK and Australia. 


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