Locki Humphrey




Steel, Aluminium, Paper and Cork



bound. is a piece which utilises ready-made, recycled and found objects to construct a modern piece of sustainable furniture which maintains a raw connection to materiality.

The concept was inspired by my local mechanics storefront, which I’ll often walk past and see perfect mandrel bent exhaust pipes ready for purchase. As somebody who has tried to get large metal forms manufactured in the past, the regular availability of these chrome pieces in the window always grabbed my attention. The backrest of the chair is made by combining a mandrel bent exhaust, pre-expanded at the ends for joining, slotted onto two straight exhaust pipes. 

The seat legs are made from concreting rebar offcuts: this U-bar shape is commonly used for galvanised ladder treads embedded into the walls of stormwater drains. 

The binding and seat are woven from Danish cord, a type of twisted paper rope which gained popularity for Scandinavian furniture construction in the 1940s. The foot stoppers are constructed from hand-carved recycled cork. 

My design aesthetic tends to focus on producing simple forms with minimal intervention which maintain interest through materiality and execution. The goal for this piece was to design something which could not only be built without the need for complex manufacturing, but also to design something without the use of technical fixing or power tools (welding, rivets, glues, etc.). this keeps the design process as approachable and accessible as possible. It also allows for a design devoid of plastic entirely, neither in parts not paints, keeping it 100% re-usable & recyclable as it can be readily disassembled into base components. 



Locki is a Melbourne based furniture designer and 3D artist whose work spans both physical and digital mediums. Locki grew up in Sydney and developed a love for furniture working as an upholsterer before studying Industrial Design at Design Centre Enmore, where they were awarded Student of the Year 2018. Their chair design Fleck was recently shortlisted in the 2022 MPavillion Chair  Design Competition, and earlier this year their Stacked ‘n’ Juicy Armchair was selected as the winner of the 2022 furniture design competition by Australian studio Koki Design House. With a particular focus on simple forms, local manufacturing and sustainable  design practices, Locki believes that good design should be intentional down to the fixtures and carefully walk the line between beauty and function.