100% Recycled HDPE, Nylon Strap, Aluminum Clamp, Silicon Grip


’Assembled.hdpe’ is developed and made by SKEEHAN Studios in response to Alt Materials 2022 brief Availability. After a factory visit at Defy Designs we were inspired by their ethos, materials and manufacturing process. Defy Designs are leaders in plastic recycling within Australia, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of plastic recycling and manufacturing in Australia. 

The ‘Assembled.hdpe’ chair is made from Defy Designs’ 100% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic sheet, created from more than 9kg of post-consumer plastic. The chair is manually assembled under high tension using a readily ‘available’ strap. ‘Assembled.hdpe’ aesthetic is derived from the materials own distortion through the assembly process, balancing precision machining with brute force. As the material distorts, under pressure from the strap, the form of a chair is revealed. 

The ‘Assembled.hdpe’ chair is part of an ongoing series of material experiments by SKEEHAN studio, not preferencing the form of an object but rather a discussion on process and a circular economy for furniture design.



SKEEHAN was established in 2011 by award-winning industrial designer Tom Skeehan, and now encompasses a dedicated, close-knit team of research and design experts. We’re a team of problem solvers at heart – one that relishes in the collaborative design process. Through our close and honest partnerships with local researchers, designers and manufacturers; we create thoughtful products, spaces and experiences; each uniquely tailored to the people and environments they are intended for. Our studio takes traditional creative practices and applies them to each project with the end-user front of mind. We let the materials speak for themselves, exploring their story and using them to form the basis of our design solution. We’re truly committed to transparency in our processes, materials and partnerships; guiding projects through a constant exchange of ideas. Our design solutions are born out of extensive research into both the raw components and the end user, so there’s purpose built into everything we create.