Bolaji Teniola

Adelaide, AU

Bolaji Teniola is an emerging interdisciplinary designer, blending his knowledge of furniture and industrial design to develop pieces that occupy known genres or something new entirely.
In search of pragmatic solutions, Teniola finds joy in allowing the process to dictate the result. Utilising an investigative approach to traverse various mediums, a deep curiosity for materiality and the manufacturing process sits at the centre of Teniola's practice.
With an Associate Degree in Furniture Design and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from RMIT University, Teniola also draws on his experience working for furniture design studios in the Netherlands and Indonesia.
Teniola's works have been showcased in various group exhibitions and have garnered several awards. In addition, he is currently undertaking the Furniture Associate Program at the JamFactory in South Australia.


alt.material exhibitions


Insulate chair by Bolaji Teniola