Hung Hin Chan

Melbourne, AU

Born in Hong Kong. Artist, designer, maker currently base in Melborune (Naarm). Finished his study at RMIT (BA. hons)& an exchange study at TU/e (Netherlands). Hin’s multi-cultural background has been a platform for his diverse and empathetic design style with a primary focus on furniture and object designs to express ideas. His design objective is to create artefacts using sustainable practices and challenge traditional material use assumptions. Hin’s work is inspired by emerging materials in their local context as he endeavours to utilise sustainable materials with developing technology. Through his designs, Hin aims to raise awareness of cultural, environmental and ethical issues through the lens of material novelty. Hin’s craftsmanship and wide range of material/fabrication knowledge in object design, enabled him to explore the possibilities of utilizing seaweed as a bio material.


alt.material exhibitions


Phyco Stool by Hung Hin Chan & Shimroth John Thomas