Jake Rollins

Adelaide, AU

Jake Rollins is a South Australian designer and artist, living and working out of the Adelaide Hills. With a background in furniture, lighting design and making, as well as a career in construction, Rollins has been imbued in the creative and making processes of the large and the small for much of his life. From this, Rollins has concluded that traditional, linear streams of design and production are fundamentally at odds with his concerns around the environment and waste crisis. In response, Rollins makes limited and one off pieces that are both a direct and speculative response to this conflict. Through his work he aims to suggest radical alternatives methods to making - his GolfWeave method is most reflective of his desire to see wholesale change. This method of weaving solid and structural forms intends to imitate nature, not only in form, but also in time.

Unlike a traditionally made object, Rollins’ woven items are able to be returned to their base components and rewoven into infinite combinations - without loss and without intensive recycling processes - just like nature would. Fundamentally, Rollins is interested in unlocking the beauty and complexity of everyday materials, and developing new and novel methods. In doing so, Rollins intends to help us reflect on the way we make and consume and think about the impact our actions have on the future of the world.


alt.material exhibitions


Golf! by Jake Rollins


Graffiti Veneer Test 001 by Jake Rollins


XxYxZ by Jake Rollins


HEXMUSH.crv by Jake Rollins


WS001 by Jake Rollins