Jeremy Blincoe

Melbourne, AU

We are a gathering of things connected through a tangled web of relations. When our hands trace the coarse outline of a tree’s bark, we are being touched by that tree. We are not privileged actors and observers of the unfolding cosmic drama, but active participants within our surroundings. The boundaries are porous and it is impossible to demarcate the point at which the tree ends and the life of others begin. We are not the tree but also not not the tree. We are in a world of metamorphosis and infinite becomings. My work explores these concepts through a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on sculpture and photography.

In 2020 Jeremy graduated from a Masters of Contemporary Art at the VCA, Melbourne. Since 2006 he has held fifteen solo exhibitions including Korea, Switzerland, and New Zealand. He has won prestigious prizes including the Fiona Myer Award at VCA (2020), Brisbane Art Prize (2017), Fisher Ghost Arts Prize (2017), Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award (2016), and has work in the collection of Gippsland Art Gallery & Pah homestead.


alt.material exhibitions


Rainbow's End by Jeremy Blincoe