Pascale Gomes-McNabb

Melbourne, AU

PGMD creates beautiful, immersive spaces for leisure, for work and for living. Our approach is to work closely with our clients, to listen carefully to their needs and desires. But also to design in a way that responds to site, whether that’s the fabric and spirit of an existing building, or the scope and ambition of a completely new structure. We draw inspiration from context – space, place, light, mood; where others may see constraint, we see opportunity.
The single thread that runs through all of PGMD’s work is passionate engagement. Although we have a long history in hospitality, we put no boundaries around the kinds of projects we work on. We’re drawn to clients with strong ideas, and places with character and potential. Every project is treated as a new beginning, a new challenge needing a fresh solution.
Materiality plays a key role in how PGMD conceptualises place and space. We hate waste and look to inventively reuse or reimagine surfaces and finishes in existing buildings. And we love the contrast between raw and luxe. New insertions – applied surfaces, fittings, furniture, lighting, art – are curated and, often, custom designed, to bring a sense of cohesion and unity. Sculptural elements are used as visual features, but also to create connections between spaces and alter the perception of volume.
These components are never created in isolation. For each project, they exist to serve an overarching vision for an interior environment that is highly crafted, visually intriguing, functional, comfortable and unique.


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