Patryk Koca

Sydney, AU

Patryk Koca is an experienced, Sydney based product designer with a passion for pragmatic functionality and poetic beauty. Born to a family of artists he aims to converge his experiences into practical solutions through a marriage of craftsmanship and technologies such as additive manufacturing.
Since graduating from UTS with a Master’s in Industrial Design, Patryk has engaged in a variety of activities including consulting, exhibiting and lecturing at UTS. Most notably he worked closely with acclaimed designers Oskar Zieta and Adam Goodrum.

Between 2014 and 2018 Patryk headed Product Development and production at Richard Munao’s Australian furniture brand NAU gaining valuable experience in mass manufacture both locally in Australia and globally with a supplier network extending from Asia to USA and Europe. 
In 2019 Patryk launched his own studio with new collaborations to come. In 2020 opportunities yielded products with brands such as Sketch Interior, Hegi Design House, Studio Pip and architectural surface brand EVOVE, where Patryk lead the design, development, creative direction, product launch and marketing.


alt.material exhibitions


Lambda (λ) by Adam Goodrum & Patryk Koca


Knit One Purl One by Adam Goodrum & Patryk Koca