Ross Didier

Melbourne, AU

” Design is Shaolin kung Fu where Art is bare knuckle fist fighting. I mean artists can do whatever they want for their art and this liberation is the point of what they do. Design on the other hand has disciplines with givens, and to ignore these misses the point of designing. Good art communicates ideas – good design serves function, and the story this creates is inspiring.” Ross Didier

Didier is a design & supply company based in Melbourne, Australia.
Established 2004, we are an in-house team of six working closely with larger manufactures, engaging skilled craftspeople both locally and internationally.
Planet earth is immensely important to us while we continually strive to make good design accessible with our furniture spanning high volume, commercial production through to smaller project commissions. Our work has been specified for such notable projects as Sydney’s Opera House, Denver Art Museum, Nintendo, Microsoft, Penfolds Winery, Google, R.M. Williams, Osteria Oggi, Sunda Dining and bespoke furniture designs for Melbourne’s iconic Vue de Monde.


alt.material exhibitions


Slow design by Ross Didier


Iron Heart, Rubber Soul by Ross Didier