Shimroth John Thomas

Melbourne, AU

Shimroth John Thomas is a cross-disciplinary designer whose practice sits at the intersection of system, strategy, architecture, photography, and climate.
Co-founder of Create Studio, a multi-disciplinary design firm working predominately in the architecture, photography, and UI/UX space in Bangalore India. Currently based in Melbourne Australia, designing circular and sustainable tech solutions to solve the climate crisis.
In 2022, he cofounded ZeroTag (formerly Untwine), a unique material/product/service/system solution aimed at eliminating single-use packaging waste in the food and beverage industries by facilitating the adoption of a scalable reuse model.
Shimroth also created Phycoforms a startup that utilizes the residues of harvested seaweed to create a range of biodegradable architectural products that can be used as an alternative to the existing materials in the market.


alt.material exhibitions


Phyco Stool by Hung Hin Chan & Shimroth John Thomas