Adam Markowitz


Adam Raphael Markowitz is an architect and furniture designer. He has attended graduate schools of design & craft in Melbourne (The University of Melbourne), Hobart (The University of Tasmania), The Netherlands (TU Delft), Denmark (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) and the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Maine USA.

Exposed in those schools to fine craft and traditional joinery, he has developed a design philosophy that values the intimate connection between design and fabrication, and the new opportunities found at the intersection of modern digital processes and traditional methods of craftsmanship.

When not prototyping in the workshop, Markowitz currently teaches Design and Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne. The rest of the time he can usually be found searching for a wave somewhere along our great coast.


Response to COMMUNITY

Fingerprints is a moment in time snapshot of a living, vibrant community of craftspeople active in Melbourne. 13 independent makers were involved in the creation of this piece. Each was set a task to create the same simple repeated chip-carved pattern – and yet each created a pattern enlivened by the boldness, delicateness, hesitation, flippancy, impatience, self-doubt, compulsiveness, joy, and all other range of human personality written in the variegated carved strokes of each person.

It argues for a value that lies beyond the economic – in the value of relationships, of the object as a token of community, and a signifier of connection to another human being. By celebrating the identity of the hand as a manifestation of a living person, the object celebrates a wealth that exists outside of pure consumptive value.

A single, glueless, cantilevered dovetail is all that holds this piece upright – the simple strength of this hand-cut traditional joint being the only other recognition of the craft tradition which unites the people whose identities are written on its surface like fingerprints.


Fingerprints Details –

• Ebonised American Cherry

• 550 mm D x 280 mm W x 1750 mm H