Ash Allen


Ash Allen has exhibited his award-winning furniture and lighting in London, New York and Milan. He designs concept pieces with a strong narrative, that are exploratory and have a minimal environmental footprint. Married with four children, he is a factory manager of a rubber manufacturing business in Thomastown.


Response to COMMUNITY

Community is everything to me. Friends, family and colleagues help me feel connected, valued and make me laugh. Sharing stories, learning from and supporting others makes me tick. However, I think “community”, in the traditional face-to-face sense, sadly is in decline. Our addiction to phone, TV and online content are driving this. The instantaneous gratification of social media “likes”, and the short soundbites and “clickbait” that make up the news are dumbing down content and reducing our willingness to tackle challenging problems with a long-term mindset. The antithesis of community is selfishness, division and greed. Many politicians appear to be excellent proponents of this.

So, my response to the “Community” theme, is one dripping in political satire. In 1837 Hans Christian Anderson wrote “Kejsarens nya kläder” (The emperor’s new clothes), where a vain ruler is deceived by a commoner to parade naked and is publicly humiliated. Still so apt today – if only…

So here is a present for you Donald – a really great, big, fantastic wardrobe to house all your belongings. Fully transparent, it comes with a free self-reflective mirror and is so simple to use 🙂 #perfectforyou


Kejsarens nya garderob

(The emperor’s new wardrobe) Details —

• Steel & Mirrored Glass

• 1800 x 2400 x 900