Bolaji Teniola

Insulate Chair



Earthwool Insulation Batts, Bio-Casting Epoxy Resin, Megapoxy 69 Impact Resistant Expoxy Adhesive



Insulate, a chair by emerging furniture and industrial designer Bolaji Teniola is a representation of materiality and process exploration inspired by the materials, elements, textures and manufacturing processes found in contemporary architecture.

Using Earthwool, an off-the-shelf product produced from recycled glass and created for internal wall and ceiling insulation, Teniola takes what is generally unseen and brings it to the forefront, reimagining Earthwool’s application.

To construct the Insulate chair, the layers of Earthwool insulation are peeled back to alter their thickness and then encased with locally sourced bio-casting epoxy resin to minimise contact irritation and highlight what Teniola sees as an unusual but equally intriguing texture. Insulate is intended to be welcomed by fascination and confusion due to its warm hues, textural composition and unusual material use. In addition, the bio-casting resin allows for transparent sections due to the variance in material thickness once peeled, enhanced further by ambient or accent lighting.

Finally, the Insulate chair is in line with Teniola’s current studio practice focus; to develop conceptual pieces via an investigative approach and display the viability of alternative materials.



Bolaji Teniola is an emerging interdisciplinary furniture and industrial designer. With an Associate Degree in Furniture Design and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from RMIT University,  Teniola also draws on his experience working for furniture design studios in the Netherlands and Indonesia. With a keen interest in materiality and manufacturing processes, Teniola’s practice utilises an investigative approach to traverse various mediums. In his search for pragmatic solutions, he finds joy in allowing the process to dictate the result. Teniola’s works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions and have garnered several awards. In addition, he is currently undertaking the Furniture Associate Program at the JamFactory in South Australia.