David Thulstrup


David Thulstrup is an award-winning architect and designer whose refined and holistic approach to architecture, interiors and product design combines his Scandinavian heritage with a modern design language.

As the founder and creative director of Studio David Thulstrup, David has completed an extensive portfolio worldwide ranging from residential architecture to restaurants, retail, hotels, furniture and lighting. His interior of Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, as well as winning multiple awards, set a design benchmark, melding elegant craft and comfort with a strong sense of place, or stedsans as it is expressed in Danish.

David’s practice is grounded upon enduring Scandinavian values of honesty and humanism with a particular emphasis on materiality. A central tenet is a concern for how people feel. By taking a holistic approach to each aspect of a project David creates spaces where people are comfortable and embraced by their surroundings. Pivotal to this, is a deep understanding of how a space will be used or lived in. Designing that space from the inside out, David considers light, color, form and materials as architectural elements.

Describing his style as ‘modern simplicity’, David creates pared-back designs that feel current but will stand the test of time. This requires meticulous attention to detail, curiosity and ambition. Using diverse materials in an honest and thoughtful way is central as is functionality and tactility. To achieve a harmonious interplay between the architecture and the elements within, he often creates custom furniture and lighting.


Response to COMMUNITY

I was brought up with a sense of “we are all in this together”, no matter your background, beliefs, political views, economic situation, or education. For me, being Scandinavian is really about accepting everyone; it’s deeply rooted in our general world view. That’s probably why I have always felt the safety of community—in general but also in my immediate vicinity. The comfort of meeting the same people in your neighborhood has definitely been elevated since the world has shut down last year. It goes without saying that I have come to appreciate daily interactions with people in my local grocery store, or even just greeting my neighbors in the hallway even more.

When I think of community, my professional network also comes to mind. I am genuinely interested in people and their opinions, and I love to exchange thoughts and ideas with people from the same industry. Though, it is not something I have aggressively pursued in the past; it has been a rather gradual evolvement through sharing my work.


Font Bold Lounge Chair Details –

• White powder coat frame

• Upholstered in Pierre Fray –

Louison with white leather piping

• 800 W x 760D x 670H (Seat height 380)