Dean Norton & Sarah Hotchin

Dean Norton Biography

Dean Norton develops products that consider form, function, refined detailing, and harmony in materials. Drawing inspiration from a number of contemporary Influences, he strives to create enduring pieces that connect on an emotional level, merging a balance between art and design whilst maintaining a minimalist design aesthetic.

Born and raised in Essex, England, Dean originally studied graphic design before continuing his journey as an interior designer, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons) in Retail Interior Design from The University of Arts London.

Now based in Melbourne, Dean launched his design practice in 2017 with an ethos to create authentic locally made pieces.


Sarah Hotchin Biography

Sarah Hotchin is a multidisciplinary artist working across many creative outlets such as illustration, graphic design & urban street art. She gathers inspiration from observing and exploring the collision between external landscapes and her own internal world. Expressing from her heart, she has an organic & free flowing style that is everything she is.

Documenting her journey, her truth of how she sees the world in her own unique & orchestral way. Along with being an Artist, Sarah is currently a brand design living in San Francisco working on leading international projects.  Her design aesthetics are a blend of art and design, which establishes her as a unique, visionary and inspiring designer.

Response to COMMUNITY

Community is at the very core of our work, which we believe is achieved and realised through shared experiences and relationships both personal and professional.

A collaboration between Melbourne based British Designer Dean Norton and San Francisco-based Australian artist Sarah Hotchin.

Our response to the theme Community will take form as a documented film and sculptural/functional piece, exploring shared connections, experimentation, and the design process. This will be a celebration of our design communities which will unfold and share the design journey from concept through to manufacture.

A collaborative storytelling piece realised through a variety of design mediums from graphic implementation, film, material exploration, and collective fabrication techniques.


Connection = Community Details –

• Electroplated Black Zinc / Graphic laminated

Charcoal Mirror

• 460 mm dia x 560 mm H