Elliot Bastianon


Elliot Bastianon is an artist and designer based in Canberra. He graduated in 2012 from the Australian National University with a BA/BVA (Honours). Bastianon has a diverse material palette and attempts to extrapolate the most from everyday things around him; often combining materials in ways that he hopes will direct his practice down a path not often taken.

Bastianon is currently undertaking a PhD candidature at the Australian National University. His research is focused on how the presence of mineral growth on objects can provide readings on the Anthropocene, conflicting time scales and the power imbalance between human activity and environmental forces.


Response to COMMUNITY

Looking at the exhibition brief through the lens of Bastianon’s current research projects—mineral growth on human made objects—he considers the defining qualities of a community as being applicable to his current material experiments. A blue crystal growth has established itself. In its own way, it has followed a set of rules, ordered itself in the one place and has even flourished and expanded out to new areas. But some communities can be strange and unwelcome.


Cylinder Sample Details –

• Concrete, Copper sulphate crystals, timber

• 440 mm H x 110 mm D