Lami Stool



Laminated particle board



The concept behind the Lami stool was to reuse an old, laminated particle board bench top to construct a small stool and highlight the features found in this material to give it a new life as a valued item.

The form of the stool was designed to hide the particle board edges while also providing strength to the structure without needing any extra components for rigidity and stability. Laminated particle board is a commonly used material for kitchen bench tops, it is a low cost option with some really great qualities. It has a waterproof / heat resistant surface, it’s easy to clean and it can be found in a large range of colours and finishes. Although laminated particle board can be recycled, it is commonly disposed of as land fill when a kitchen is updated with new benchtops.

We feel that there is something so nostalgic about the surfaces found on this material and it seemed fitting to see it used in a bold way.



Fomu launched in 2017 as a Melbourne based design studio with an aim to design and create objects which embody simplicity while using beautifully considered form and details to enhance the overall functionality of the design. All Fomu products are manufactured in Australia from ethically sourced materials. Andrew Beveridge and Gabrielle Beswick are the designers and co-founders of Fomu. Originally from Tasmania, they relocated to Melbourne to pursue a future in design. Both enrolled at RMIT University, Andrew studied Furniture Design and Gabrielle studied Fashion and Textile Merchandising. After a few years of making furniture and working within the fashion industry, they decided to combine their knowledge and launch a multi-disciplinary design studio together. Recently the pair have moved back to their home town in Tasmania and opened a new studio space, finding new inspiration within the rugged shores and slow lifestyle.


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