Gibson Karlo


Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis are founders of design studio Gibson Karlo and the creators of the furniture brand DesignByThem. Their work is often characterised as being minimal, distinctive and playful. Along with their furniture they have developed work for fashion brands, universities, medical researchers and government organisations.

Recent highlights include being selected to work with the Howard Buffett Foundation and Mass Architecture in Rwanda and their recent retrospective titled “The Form That Follows”at Design Tasmania.

They are dedicated to supporting Australian design, working collaboratively with designers and promoting Australian design worldwide with a recent exhibition at the Milan Design Week.

DesignByThem products can be found all over the world, supplying establishments such as Facebook, Dropbox, Google, The Sydney Opera House, Singapore Airport & Louis Vuitton.


Response to COMMUNITY

Communities often share a common sense of responsibility to each other. We have seen this reflected throughout history and more recently in our response during the pandemic for the greater and mutual benefit of our society.

Our work captures how that sense of responsibility can be embodied in an everyday object through its materiality. As we become more and more conscious about the waste we constantly produce and its impact on our direct and extended communities we become more responsible for what we do with it.

In an effort to embody and symbolise that sense of shared responsibility, our work is made using the discarded glass and fabric of our community. Turning waste into a functional object that not only removes waste but also reduces our burden on new resources.


Ledge Side Table Details –

• Glass Waste collected at a Municipal Recycling Facility / Post-Consumer End-of-Life Synthetic Textile Waste / Engineered Matrix Binder

• 300 mm D x 480 mm H