Jake Rollins


South Australian-based designer Jake Rollins embraces the most simple principles of nature in his work, highlighting the departure of our made world from nature’s lossless, harmonious, perpetually improving and infinite dance of life and rebirth. What has been distilled over time are solutions to some of our biggest problems. Jake makes use of atomic geometries, homogenous componentry and temporary fixings to mimic nature, translating it into our built environment.


Response to COMMUNITY

More than ever it is important for creative thinkers to draw upon multiple and varied communities, to manifest new ideas and to enrich the collective consciousness that informs our world. Overlapping and intertwined communities are communities that thrive, and we do our best if we traverse and learn from many. Over the course of the last 12 months, we have had to do this a little differently, and work a little harder at staying connected, readying ourselves for the sharing of ideas when we can come together again.

This work seeks to expand upon geometries and principles already familiar with Jake, and present them on a larger scale.

Artist courtesy of Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert


WS001 Details –

• Galvinised sheet, 316 Cable & Turnbuckles

• 1800 mm x 1800 mm x 800 mm