James McNab

You Are Sitting On My Undies 



Misc fabric (mostly cotton and elastane), Bio-Epoxy



For many of us, it’s an ongoing dilemma about what to do with clothing garments once they’ve seen better days. Do you throw them in the bin? Give them to the Salvation Army? Donate to charity? All of these are normal possibilities, The Formary®, a purpose driven sustainability consultancy and research agency estimate that around 80 billion items of clothing are made each year, three quarters of which end up in landfilled or are incinerated. This equates to about 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2e being given off every year (nearly that of the European Union).

You Are Sitting On My Undies (YASOMU), aims to shed light on one of the most available and abundant post-processed materials on the planet, end of use textiles. By shredding the fabric into small pieces, and combining with a bio-epoxy by Australia’s own Change Climate, we are able to achieve solid, reinforced composite panels fit for furniture. Once cured, the panels are sanded to bring through a marbling effect generated by the swirling, hardened textiles.

YASOMU’s form references that of a beach chair, a commonly produced furniture piece often made from low quality construction materials and with a short lifespan.



James is a New Zealand-born industrial designer who has established himself at the helm of various design practices over the past decade. He has led projects ranging from bespoke furniture and object design to 1500sqm interior workspace fit-outs. His recent body of work is grounded in the premise of aesthetic utilitarianism: creating refined products using highly-industrialised materials and processes, focusing on aluminium and the combination of visually lightweight and heavy objects. James aims to design furniture with simple and pleasant material interactions, removing aesthetic complexity from the equation. His process as a designer is largely driven by exploring alternative ways to use the materials he selects. In October 2022, James took home a Gold Pin at the Best Awards, New Zealand’s premier design event, for his work on the Nature Baby retail store in Newmarket, Auckland.