Mound & Alex Goss

Recursive Eames Armchair



Mulched Ikea Furniture, Resin



Our chair imprints the Eames silhouette upon the trash heap, symbolising the beginning and end of the design process. We are experimenting with re-mulched chipboard as material, and the landfill mound as a desirable form.



Mound is a design and fabrication shop based in Richmond VA, USA, on Powhatan land,  born in a global pandemic and designing with end-times flair. We recognize a need for a  Post-Lifestyle design objective; a need to create outside of fickle trends which promote  consumption above all. We listen to those early modernist shamans who said design can  better someone’s life and develop their inner self. Mound designs for the tomb-set society, those skeptical old souls who think the word “new” is a myth invented to sell cereal. Mound produces grave goods you can live with.


Alex Goss is a sculptor, educator, and freelancer committed to fostering mentorship in digital and physical 3D and time-based mediums.Alex received his BFA in Art from the Cooper Union and his MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Alex has held solo exhibitions in New York, Baltimore, and Houston. Texas. Alex is a co-founder of Moonmist, an artist-run project space, now digital platform. Alex lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his dog Butterbean.