Rene Linssen

100% Chair


Recycled plastic sheet



The 100% Chair responds to the theme ‘Availability’ through it’s exploration of new materials available to designers and showcases how these materials can be used to create contemporary furniture that is also better for our environment.

The chair is constructed from a 100% recycled plastic sheet, made with Australian post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE plastic (such as recycled shampoo and conditioner bottles, milk bottles, bottle lids and more), manufactured in Sydney.

A unique feature, that comes as a result of creating the recycled plastic sheet, is that no two chairs will ever be the same. The mix of colours and patterns created are unique every time. All parts of the chair can be assembled together without the need of any fasteners or glues. This allows the chair to be disassembled and recycled into new products at its end of life.



René Linssen is a South African born, Australian Industrial Designer living and working in Canberra, Australia. René loves the challenges of Industrial Design, finding a way to improve people’s lives with a product that satisfies a need and that can be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. He also feels strongly about the responsibilities implicit in a career that he believes has a big impact in shaping the world we live in. Currently an Industrial Designer at Australian product design company Formswell Design, he is involved in a diverse range of design work in industries from sports, outdoors, homewares, government and more. Some of the clients René has designed products for include: Puma, Asics, Gozney, Nau, Clark, Cuisinart, Nucleus and more. In 2017, René co-founded the furniture company Furnished Forever with fellow Canberra designer Elliot Bastianon. The company focuses on furniture for high volume commercial and residential applications with an emphasis on local manufacturing. René has won several national design awards including Vogue Living / Alessi Emerging Designer Award (2015), Belle / Alessi Design Award (2017) and was a finalist in the Mercedes- Benz Design Award (2018). René is still involved closely with the University of Canberra since completing his Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2016. He is currently acting as a sessional lecturer for their Industrial Design program.