Rene Linssen


René Linssen is a South African born, Australian Industrial Designer living and working in Canberra, Australia.

René loves the challenges of Industrial Design, finding a way to improve people’s lives with a product that satisfies a need and that can be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. He also feels strongly about the responsibilities implicit in a career that he believes has a big impact in shaping the world we live in. Currently an Industrial Designer at Australian product design company Formswell Design, he is involved in a diverse range of design work in industries from sports, outdoors, homewares, government and more.

In 2017, René co-founded the furniture company Furnished Forever with fellow Canberra designer Elliot Bastianon. The company focuses on furniture for high volume commercial and residential applications with an emphasis on local manufacturing. René has won several national design awards including Vogue Living / Alessi Emerging Designer Award (2015), Belle / Alessi Design Award (2017) and was a finalist in the Mercedes-Benz Design Award (2018).

René is still involved closely with the University of Canberra since completing his Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2016. He is currently acting as a sessional lecturer for their Industrial Design program.


Response to COMMUNITY

UNION is a coffee table that re-imagines what coming together around furniture could look like in a post-COVID world. As COVID has affected global supply chains, now more than ever we see the importance in our local design community and fostering the resources we have available at our doorstep.

Every part of the coffee table is made locally in the designer’s hometown Canberra, taking advantage of modern manufacturing techniques available to him.

The leg bases of the table are crafted from recycled PET (plastic bottles) which have been 3D printed using a custom 6-axis industrial robot fitted with a plastic extruder, developed in-house at the University of Canberra. This collaboration is a unique example of what local manufacturing could look like and hopefully inspires others to think of ‘out of the box’ or consider unconventional production methods that could be available to them.

Finally, the table top is made from CNC machined acrylic, supplied by a local manufacturer. Acrylic was chosen to symbolise the new world we’ve come to know with perspex facemasks and screens becoming a normal part of the community we engage in. The clear transparency of the top also allows the unique form of the legs to be exposed and made the hero of the design.


Union Details –

• Acrylic, 3D Printed PET (Recycled Plastic Bottles)

• 1000mm x 1000mm x 350mm