Studio Edwards

‘Daddy long legs’ (Gillis Lundgren I love you); High stool



Frosta IKEA Stool, aluminium flat bar, Zinc plated fixing bolts, aluminium 30mm washers, recycled fabric



An adaptation of the iconic IKEA ‘frosta’ stool by seminal designer Gillis Lundgren, Daddy long legs (Gillis Lundgren I love you); High Stool further iterates Lundgren’s cheeky take on the original Alvar Aalto ‘stool 60’. The mass produced nature and low price point of the IKEA ‘frosta’ means that the low stool/ side table is a ubiquitous furniture item in households internationally. Extended using only components sourced from Bunnings Collingwood, this higher ‘version of a version’ piece expands on the versatility of the original to offer further application raising the seating height to suit bench top dining in domestic and commercial spaces.



Established in 2016, Studio Edwards is an ideas–led practice. Combining architecture, interiors and conceptual design with a dedication to pushing these disciplines in innovative and unexpected directions. Drawing on a breadth of experience to conceive and deliver outcomes that are independent of scale. Characterised by innovation, materiality and restraint. Providing full design services from initial concepts through to finished buildings and spaces.