Studio Ryte


Studio RYTE is an energetic and innovative design studio comprised of agile and passionate inventors, architects, designers, and engineers from Hong Kong. The multi-disciplinary design team is dedicated to harness technology and craftsmanship to redefine mundane urban objects, materials and space. We believe that any sensible design requires a thorough understanding of the context and the subject. Our team navigates across fields of spatial design and object design to provide the optimum solution for clients who look for a comprehensive design. We operate beyond silos. We generate powerful designs through interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. We experiment with details, explore novel ways of fabrication as well as test out different spatial qualities in order to create the unique user experience.


Response to COMMUNITY

Community is a collection of individuals, as the sum of connected minds.

During the past year of pandemic, social distancing has forced people to become isolated both physically and mentally. People are more aware of the importance of self-sufficiency, which includes masks, hand rub, water, power, and food etc. We are gradually shaped into introvert beings.

Designers, being members among the community, have the opportunity to innovate, help and unite the crowd to endure the on-going hardships.

We would like to offer an easy-to-fabricate design that promotes the concept of coming together as one community and sharing resources among each other. Highlighted by a bright and vivid color, the stools can be connected into a single line, bringing users’ attentions to unity. Our design is flexible to use individually as well as a group, adapting to the social distancing policy at the time. The series, when in larger number, can be used in both public or private areas such as schools, offices, parks, and markets etc. When not in use, it can be grouped and stacked to become a social icon in the neighborhood. It promotes resilience, strength, and the power of people.

Community well-being is about looking after each other. We hope our design can facilitate the engagement of the public from smaller groups to larger communities in the coming future.


The United Stool Details –

• Finnish Birch Plywood (PEFC Certified)

with Osmo Top Oil

• 355mm(W) x 320mm(D) x 340mm(H)