Talin & Tulip Hazbar


Talin Hazbar’s practice as an architect and artist explores the possibilities of collaborating with nature and experimenting with organic matter. Tulip Hazbar is a graphic designer and illustrator. Her practice revolves around individual and collective memory. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the sisters Talin and Tulip Hazbar are collaborating to explore the cohesion and adhesion between materials they use within their practice and daily life. The work is a specimen of integration, tension and bonds found in any multicultural community.


Response to COMMUNITY

Working to repurpose marble and stone scraps, the sisters, Talin and Tulip Hazbar, are remodeling the abacus using waste material from factories around sharjah, UAE. The work looks at acts of collecting, counting, and keeping record as actions that occur in our daily life. More so, recently, where days pass by as mundane repetitions of previous days, yet as new opportunities with every sunrise.

The 7 days abacus looks at deconstructing time in unequal intervals. Creating a counting tool using diverse units in terms of form, material, sizes and weights, sheds a light on finding unexpected harmony within the monotonous.


52 Details –

• Wood, Stones, Metal Rods

• 420 mm x 465 mm