Tom Fereday & Kate Banazi

Tom Fereday Biography

Fascinated by the tension that lies between natural materials and contemporary design and manufacture, Tom Fereday develops unique designs originating from an intrinsic inquiry into the role of objects today. Built on the principle of honest design Tom Fereday’s work celebrates the materials and manufacture behind furniture and objects, guiding considered and thoughtful design outcomes that explore the notion of refined utility.

Born in Australia, Tom Fereday grew up in London, England studying sculpture and graphic design at the Wimbledon School of Art before moving to Australia to complete an honours in Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney. Working across Europe and Australia Tom Fereday went on to found his sole practice in 2012. Works have been presented and published internationally through collaborations with brands including Louis Vuitton, Alessi, Stellarworks and Herman Miller and exhibited through galleries including Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Powerhouse Museum, Mint Gallery, Australian Design Centre and frequent international furniture fairs.


Kate Banazi Biography

Kate Banazi was born in London and studied at Central St Martins. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Her current work celebrates relationships, the body in space, movement, shadows and colour. Interlocking shapes are held together lightly but always ready to fall apart. Negative space and line work map chaos, voids and beauty. Repetition, ritual, science and colour theory hold great interest and are often referenced in her work with elements exploring her own mixed heritage and familial ties.

Work is created from life drawings and self portraits dissected with singular elements pulled and repeated which are then configured recreating abstracted bodies. Sometimes these are floating in space, untethered, a seemingly simple shape asking the viewer to look closer and see more. Sometimes, hidden behind grids and blocks retaining control and safety behind overlaid chaos. There is always the intention for more to be seen as than an abstracted shape.


Response to COMMUNITY

Tom Fereday and Kate Banazi have collaborated to present 2021.5 a hybrid sculpture and artwork presenting a physical and tacit documentation of their personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Driven by local data of COVID-19 case statistics alongside qualitative diaries kept by artist Kate Banazi throughout the pandemic, a bold and striking 1.5m (social distancing guideline) totem sculpture was intricately carved from solid laminated beech acting as a large-scale rolling press allowing the imprinting of graphical lines of both positive and negative data. Pressed onto a linen artwork each line and variation (utilising natural dyes) is printed with a dark wood stain, resulting in (an optimistic) flawed and honest visual depiction of the emotional torrent and experiences of this unique time, one that leaves a lasting permanent imprint. The resulting hybrid sculpture is intended to act as a permanent marker to document and highlight this historic period in time.


2021.5 Details –

• Solid Beech, linen fabric & Black Japan stain

• Sculpture Size: 400 mm D x 1700 mm H

(free standing sculpture in solid beech and

natural dye)

• Unique Artworks 1500 mm x 400 mm

(mounted on plywood backing)