Tom Skeehan


SKEEHAN is an industry-leading design studio with a distinctly human focus. We collaborate on intuitive, honest projects – each with a problem to solve and a story to tell.

SKEEHAN offers end-to-end design services with the user in mind. We treat every new project as its own experiment, solving real-world problems through intelligent design. Our approach is collaborative, and our process rigorous. From idea to implementation, we strive not just to make beautiful things – but to make them mean something, too.

SKEEHAN was established in 2011 by award-winning industrial designer Tom Skeehan, and now encompasses a dedicated, close-knit team of research and design experts. We’re a team of problem solvers at heart – one that relishes in the collaborative design process. Through our close and honest partnerships with local researchers, designers and manufacturers; we create thoughtful products, spaces and experiences; each uniquely tailored to the people and environments they are intended for. Our studio takes traditional creative practices and applies them to each project with the end-user front of mind. We let the materials speak for themselves, exploring their story and using them to form the basis of our design solution.

SKEEHAN creates design solutions that seek to reconnect people with the material world around them. We’re truly committed to transparency in our processes, materials and partnerships; guiding projects through a constant exchange of ideas. Our design solutions are born of extensive research into both the raw components and the end user, so there’s purpose built into everything we create.


Response to COMMUNITY

The ‘Unity Seat’ is a patchwork built from a community of collaborators, manufacturers and craftspeople. This exercise in material research represents our community, celebrating the value in sharing knowledge and connecting industries. Using the visual language of individual tiles, to express collaborative practice and research. Framed in a timber seat, each tile can be removed and exchanged, encouraging conversations, learning and connection.

Collaborators –
Stellen Studio, Laffan Metalworks, Evo Style, Capital Precision Coating, Real World Design, C-Tech Laser, Instyle, Ensight, Annette Blair, Ben Claase, Fibonacci, Fink, Oscar Gardner, Rolf Barfoed, Debco Engineering, Tomkins Designs.


Unity Seat Details –

• Stone, Wood, Steel, Powder Coat, Fabric, Foam,

Acoustic, Anodised Aluminum, Silicon Bronze,

PET, Aluminum

• 1200 mm L x 320 mm  W x 440 mm H