• Remnants #47
  • Remnants #47
  • Remnants #47

Marlo Lyda

Remnants #47

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Lime Green Marble, Steel Frame & Copper Wire

320 x 610 x 380 H (mm)

Process & Manufacture
Patinated and sealed steel frame

Further Info
Conceived from the skip-bin of a Sydney based stone supplier, Remnants Collection designs new life from pieces of stone that are too small or cracked for common usage. These ‘imperfect’ stones are collected, catalogued, and crafted back into the limelight - forming a collection of unique one-off coffee and side tables.
Pairing the eccentricities of each salvaged stone with a hand-crafted frame is one of many tender acts of restoration in the Remnants Collection. The stones are hand
finished, while the steel frames - reminiscent of adhoc scaffolding - are patinated, sealed, and meticulously bound with copper wire detailing.

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