Maryam Moghadam

Melbourne, AU

Maryam is a graduate of Product Design in Honours (2021) completed at the University of Technology Sydney. Having cultivated a love for art at a very young age, Maryam takes influence from the creative freedom of art and merges it withthe pragmatism of industrial design. She focuses on offering solutions that engagein alternative and experimental ways of thinking that ultimately produce designs rich with meaning.

Maryam defines her aesthetic as whimsical yet earnest, eclectic yet individual, with an element of surreal intertwined in the real. Maryam recognises the potential for artefacts to be used as tools that can connect people with themselves, others and their surroundings. Out of her workshop, Maryam hopes to produce design motivated by this thinking. Maryam has exhibited in Melbourne Design Week 2023 and received the Highly Commended award for Australia’s Next Top Designer 2023.


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